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About Us

Your Next Adventure
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Hey, Take Your P.T.O!

A simple reminder that sparked a new adventure of vacation planning, wellness, and taking care of ourselves.

We are 2 friends who enjoy planning trips for ourselves, family and friends. Working within corporate America where sometimes, using our vacation time is often an afterthought, when in reality… we earned it!

Hearing our client's desires and adding in our unique individual twists, we curate the perfect vacation that covers it all! From departure to destination, we ensure that on each trip our clients embark on they not only have fun but have ease in knowing we have their best interest at heart! Bringing our own personalities and skills into our business, we are excited to have you as our clients!


We are Take Your P.T.O.

"There is a whole world elsewhere...
Take only memories, leave only footprints. - Chief Seattle



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Brittney Vincent

 "As Chief Travel Curator, I love offering the endless possibilities of well-planned travel!"

Jasmin Archible

"I understand the importance of time off work. Enjoying life is a MUST for me and my journey."


So, what makes us different?



Our main focus is on curating the ultimate travel experience for our clients! We look at a trip through a holistic lens - it’s much more than just a flight and a hotel. We get to know our clients to find out what interests them so we can create a memorable trip for the big celebrations, the last-minute getaways, and everything in between.

So, where to next?!

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