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Let's Dig Deeper!


We are (2) best friends with many collective talents. 

Putting them together allows us to easily offer you the personalized trip experience you've only accessed through your dreams! Scroll below to meet us on a personal level. We can't wait to meet you soon! 


Chief Travel Curator

"I am Chief Travel Curator, but most importantly a wife of 7 years and a mom to two handsome boys! I was born and raised right outside of Raleigh, North Carolina, and still reside in the area to this day.

I have had a love of travel planning and it first blossomed back in college. The first official trip I planned was during my senior year on Spring Break. My best friend and I had done the typical Miami spring break and wanted to end our college experience with something completely different. My friend was planning to move to either LA or Chicago post-graduation, so we decided on Chicago and I hit the ground running on planning our getaway. From the flight, hotel, to the tourist attractions we saw, I had it all planned out and it was the BEST trip! Little did I know that it would become a moment that would cement the start of my journey in the travel industry! 

Years and years and many trips under my belt later, it took me having my second child to realize that maybe my goal isn’t to rise in the ranks of Corporate America anymore. I had socialized my goals with some of my close friends but kept making excuses for why I just was not ready to take that leap yet. It took planning a surprise birthday trip to Cabo San Lucas, MX in Aug 2022 to push me out of my rut and finally start my business."

Creative Marketing Director

"I am Jasmin Archible, a Raleigh, NC native who understands the importance of taking time off of work, enjoying life, and vacationing when needed. As a healthcare professional, maintaining my well-being mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually is key while living my Best Wman Life! 

Being a part of Take Your P.T.O. as the Creative Marketing Director,  I enjoy creating realistic and relatable experiences through outfit styling, social media posts & reels, and pushing my own limits with some adventure. Enjoying life’s journey and everything it brings, taking time to stop and embrace the simple things around me. With my dog in the back seat, we’re headed to our next adventure!"

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